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Wolfsburg (Headquarters)

The company headquarters in Wolfsburg is the center of InPro electric GmbH. This is where all the key tasks required for the smooth operation of our company are coordinated and managed. Our qualified experts in the areas of Finance & Controlling, Human Resources & Personnel Development and Quality Management are based here and contribute to the efficiency and success of our company.

In addition to purchasing, the head office is also responsible for managing the IT infrastructure. It ensures that all departments are equipped with the necessary resources to perform their tasks optimally. 

The company headquarters acts as the hub for all business activities and is a central point of contact for all questions and concerns of our customers and employees. We rely on transparent and effective communication and professional organization to continuously increase our company's success and consolidate our market position.

InPro electric GmbH
Benzstrasse 31-33
38446 Wolfsburg

+49 5361 8545100