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The history of InPro electric includes many milestones on the way to becoming one of the international providers of production-oriented control solutions.


Foundation, invention, development

In the first three years, InPro electric's focus was on establishing the company and being close to the end customer. From this point onwards, the company increasingly focused on strategic expansion and further development.

After InPro electric was founded in 1993, the initial focus was on building up the company and expanding the customer base. Even in the early days, direct proximity to the end customer was an absolute priority and the founders increasingly focused the company on strategic expansion and further development. With success!

By 1996, InPro already employed over 250 people. The success and growth continued and in 1997 the company founded its own subsidiaries in Spain, Brazil and Slovakia. Turnover exceeded the 30 million euro mark.


The expansion did not stop at the United States, and a subsidiary was founded in the USA in 2002. Further milestones followed, including the largest single order worth 15 million euros in 2007 and the founding of a subsidiary in Mexico in 2009.

In 2010, InPro electric opened a branch in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, thereby expanding its influence in North America. Another high point was reached in 2012, when the largest single order in the company's history exceeded the value of 29.5 million euros. 2015 and 2016 brought further expansion when subsidiaries were founded in China and Poland. In 2017, the company entered a new business segment and realized its first project in battery production.


2018 marked the 25th anniversary of the company. It was an occasion to look back on an impressive history, from the beginnings of the founders to an international group with a global presence.

Looking back over the last few years, we can proudly look back on a number of significant milestones in the history of InPro electric. The establishment of the subsidiary in Hungary in 2023 brought many new opportunities in the European market and, above all, strengthened our presence in the region.

InPro energy's entry into the planning and implementation of large photovoltaic systems marked an important step towards sustainable energy generation and underlined our commitment to environmentally friendly technologies.

The merger with JMG and SMG Solutions Sp. z o.o. to form InPro engineering Poland expanded our sphere of influence and consolidated our position as a leading provider of engineering solutions.

In addition, our cooperation with international universities helped to expand our expertise and promote innovative ideas.

The commitment to customer proximity, sustainable growth and innovation, coupled with the manifest principles of "trustworthy - reliable - better" have shaped the development of InPro electric to this day.

Our timeline


Foundation The company is headquartered in Wolfsburg


from 1994

Strategy of geographical proximity to end customers via a nationwide network of dependent branches in Germany



Over 250 employees



Foundation of own subsidiaries in Spain, Brazil and Slovakia;

Turnover exceeds 30 Mio. €



Foundation of a subsidiary in the USA



Largest single order € 15 million



Foundation of a subsidiary in Mexico



Foundation of a branch in Chattanooga (TN), USA



Largest single order € 29.5 million



20th anniversary of the company



Foundation of a subsidiary in China



Foundation of a subsidiary in Poland



First project in battery production



25th anniversary of the company



Partnership InPro engineering



Partnership Steineke GmbH and Reisdorfer engieering GmbH



More projects in final assembly, conveyor technology, battery



First projects outside the automotive industry



Digital transformation 



Start of InPro energy (a brand of InPro electric)

Foundation of InPro Hungary

30th anniversary of the company InPro electric