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Project structure plans, work packages, milestones, kick-off and lesson learned, agile and modern project management methods are practiced by us and are not just theoretical.


Our project managers actively manage our project teams, especially when it comes to taking on new, major challenges and tackling unique automation tasks.

At InPro, we understand the importance of effective project management as a fundamental building block for the success of our projects. Our commitment to excellence is underpinned by proven methodologies and best practices in project management.

By clearly defining work packages and implementing them in a targeted manner, we ensure not only efficiency but also quality at every step of the project process. Our project managers are the driving force behind the success of our projects. They actively take control of our project teams, especially when it comes to taking on new and major challenges. With a clear focus on automation tasks.


Our milestones not only represent steps on the way to the goal, but are also clear indicators of our progress and goal orientation. At each "kick-off" event, we not only initiate the start of a new project, but also create the framework for an inspiring collaboration that focuses on clear goals and strategies.

Our commitment to professional project management is reflected in the careful planning and precise implementation of each project. This methodology enables us to not only deliver on time and on budget, but also to create sustainable value for our clients.

We look forward to tackling unique challenges with you and realizing successful projects together.