Robot programming

Programming of the industrial robots in the plants can be done in different ways.

A modern and innovative approach is to generate the programs for the robots offline using the CAD data from the system design engineer. Our experienced programmers are able to produce top-quality robot programs, which only require minimal online programming efforts on site, by means of current offline systems such as Robcad, Process Simulate or IGRIP. Offline programs provided can be used for follow up, of course, or the scope of services can be rendered entirely online.

The systems used in the plants are produced by robot manufacturers such as KUKA, FANUC, ABB, MOTOMAN, etc.

Applications deployed by the robots, such as gluing, lasing, clinching, MIG welding, roll hemming, etc., are becoming increasingly important and require extensive specialist knowledge in programming.

Robot programming is complemented by a comprehensive range of documentation and verification – essential for the smooth running of the plant.